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Kansas History

Kansas State Library






Social Studies




One Look Dictionary Search

Merriam Webster Online

Visual Dictionary: The Merriam-Webster Dictionary with accurate pictures

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National Geographic Daily News

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States: Information on the 50 states: - Capitals and Information Links

Presidential Time Line

POTUS-Presidents of the United States

American Presidents

Library of Congress

THOMAS: A USA government online website that can be searched for current and past Senate and house bills and resolutions, Supreme Court information, treaties and even the Presidents calendar and writings. It also has information on the U.S Constitution, Declaration of Independence, Legislative processes. Law library webcasts can also be watched

Constitution of the United States

Charters of Freedom: View the, the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution of the United States, and the Bill of Rights. Also discusses the making of charters and the impact of the charters

Legal Information: Federal, State, International, Uniform etc.

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Kansas History

Kansas State History: Places, People, Wagon West: Oregon Trail & Santa Fe, Longhorn Cattle & Cattle Towns, Building Kansas, Abolitionists, Bleeding

Kansas At A Glance – Geography, Natural Resources Trivia, History, Government, Commerce, Industry, People, Facts and Symbols

Kansas & Civil War, Historical Markers & other publications

Kansas Information for Students & Researchers – subjects such as Kansas Firsts, topics for study, At a Glance, Trails, pictures etc.

Kansas Counties

Kansas History Online

Kansas State Government

Kansas Constitution

Kansas State Bylaws

Kansas State Data Center

Kansas State Legislation

Kansas Legislature – State Senators and Representatives, plus Committee Members

Kansas State Historical Society

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Social Studies

Heritage Quest - search US federal censuses 1970-1930, family & local histories, tax lists, city directories, probate records, Revolutionary War; Freedman’s Bank – to serve African Americans; US Serial Set: Search for information about people and places in the Memorials, Petitions and Private Relief Actions of the U.S. Congress

National Geographic - Daily News, History, Kids, Maps, Music, Photography, Travel & Cultures, Video

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Women Nobel Prize Laureates

Biographies of Women Mathmeticians

Distinguished Women of Past and Present

Pioneer Women in Technology

Women of NASA

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Get to Know Our Ocean/Planet

E-Quarium Habitats Path: Kelp Forest- Monterey Bay Aquarium - this page has fish, kelp and other living creatures on the web page. Find also live podcasts of fish, otters and other sear creatures - plus lots of scientific information on the sea and creatures under the sea.

Fisheye View Cam Home page – Great views of fish, coral and other living creatures in a live sea aquarium

The Energy Quest – An interactive website to learn about energy – fun short movie clips, art, energy stories and much more

Mad Scientist:Answers on Everything from Anatomy to Zoology

Periodical Table

National Geographic Animals, Daily News, Green Guide, History, Kids, Maps, Music, Photography, Science & Space, Travel & Cultures, Video

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Create Your Own Webpage

HTML Tutorial

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Metric Conversion table

Metric Conversion Tool or Unit Converter

Units of Converstion (Math.com)

Math Forum: Internet Math Library – Great place to find help with all kinds of math section for middlers: Middle School section with multiple listings of different math types:Addition, Division, Multiplication, Subtraction, Fractions, Decimals, & Percentage: Dividing Fractions:

Math in Our Daily Lives - site shows how math helps us in our daily lives. It demonstrates math concepts such as probability, compounding, growth, geometry, and relationships in situations such as gambling, savings and investing, population growth, home decorating, and cooking.

Multiplication Table

Math2.org - source for all your math needs- geometry, algebra, trigonometry, calculus, and more

Math Archives

Algebra– solve the problem like your teacher

APlus Math

Math Glossary

Math Reference Tables

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Currency Converter: USA to Pounds or Euro’s (anywhere in the world)

Stock Learning Center

It’s My Live. Money. Managing Money – Basic Money Managing

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Academy of Achievement – Biographies on many famous and worthy people

POTUS-Presidents of the United States

American Presidents

Biographies of Women Mathematicians

Martin Luther King, Jr. Research and Education Institute

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English / Literature

HomeworkSpot – English Helps

Grammar, Reading Skills, Vocabulary/Spelling,

Literary Terms


Guide to Grammar & Writing

Writing Prompt Generator

Magnetic Poetry - Drag and drop words to create poems.

Etymologic - Test yourself with word puzzles.

WordPlays.com - Solve word puzzles and play with Pig Latin

Spelling Bee- Start practicing for the big bee.

African-American Literature, American Literature, British Literature , World Literature


Map of Kansas Literature – This site provides biographical information, samples of poems, a list of their works and any websites linked to their name. Simply click on the city of your choice and the famous authors can be found. Then simply click on the authors name or picture and the information about the person will be displayed. A listing of the cities is also found to the right of the screen; which may also be used.

Poetry (HomeworkSpot.com)

Kansas Poets and Poetry – A resource for Kansas Poetry (http://www.kansaspoets.com) – It provides a page to share biographical information about Kansas Poets and Kansas Poetry

Poetry Contest – from the Kansas Authors Club

Farmers Almanac – lots of information on calendars, definition or word for the day, home, weather, gardening, astronomy (tides, moon, sunrise etc.) food, advice, community, gardening

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Geography / Ecosystems / Weather

Maps of the World: Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection

Time Measurements and various subjects on solar time, atomic time, time zones, legal time, navigation, computer time zones protocols:

World Time Zone – includes current map and current times, just by clicking on an area the map allows the viewer to go to a smaller area of space to view its time zones and gives better details of that area

Ecosystems of Our World

National Geographic’s – Forces of Nature

Garbage and Recycling to protect our Ecosystem

National Geographic Animals, Daily News, Green Guide, Kids, Maps, Travel & Cultures, Video

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Kansas Health Online - Find out how to stay healthy, understand your medical condition, how information can work for you. Also tools to compare hospitals, find doctors and information about healthy lifestyles to help you make healthy choices

Health & Fitness

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Auto Repair

Chilton’s Auto Repair: Quick online access to repair, maintenance and service information on the most popular cars, trucks, vans and SUVs on the road today.

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Military Academies Preparation and Information

United States Air Force Academy – Admissions

United State Coast Guard Academy

United States Marine Corps - a service under the Department of the Navy, does not have an academy of its own but instead commissions officers from Annapolis and Kings Point

United State Military Academy (USMA) - West Point -Army

United States Naval Academy – Admissions

U.S. Merchant Marine Academy - Admissions

Military Service Preparation

Military.com - Information on all Services- Air-Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marines, Navy, Reserve/guard – Plus Education, Careers and Benefits

10 Steps to Joining the Military

Step #9 – Getting Ready for Bootcamp

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Kansas State Libray InformationKansas State Library

State Library of Kansas – Library Website

Kansas State Library Catalog

Kansas State Library Card Sign-up

Kansas State Library Card – Login

Request an Article

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