Friends of Pioneer Memorial Library

           Friends of the Library, a program that was established in 1979 was built to be “A partnership between the library and the community to advocate for the quality library service.” The Friends of the Pioneer Memorial Library Board meets the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 7 a.m. in the Library Meeting Room. If you are interested in joining the “Friends of Pioneer Memorial Library”, please give us a call and we will sign you up today!


Membership Dues:

  • Individual – $15
  • Family – $30
  • Business – $30
  • Benefactor – $50 or more


            Help the Friends of the Library with our fundraiser this year by adopting a magazine. The Library has more than 110 magazine subscriptions. Magazines cost an average of $25 per subscription. Adopt as many as you would like for $25 each! Our goal this year is to cover the cost of all magazine subscriptions. For sponsoring a magazine, we will put your name on the wall next to the magazines thanking you for supporting the mission of the Friends of the Pioneer Memorial Library!


Remember if we share the load – the savings are multiplied!


Friends of the Library – Board of Directors:

  • President – Jan Barnum
  • Vice President – Wendy Weishaar
  • Secretary
  • TreasurerKarla Haggard
  • Member – Pat Erickson
  • Member – Joe Hartman
  • Member – Shelly Myers
  • Member – Linda Nelson