What is UniversalClass?

UniversalClass is an online teaching software that allows people to take online courses about subjects that they might be interested in. The classes that UniversalClass has to offer are wide variety of classes ranging from cooking classes to classes on how to begin coding on computers. The content of the chapters are jam packed with material that you may end up using in another area. It can be reached through the State Library of Kansas website. Once you get to the Online Databases section of the site, scroll down and look for UniversalClass under the Skill Builders section.

What can I do with UniversalClass?

There are tons of things to do with the classes that are offered by UniversalClass. The topics range from Veterinary classes to operating different Microsoft Office Programs. You just need to find the class that will help you learn more about the topic that you are interested in.

Does it cost anything to have an account with UniversalClass?

There are different fees associated with taking the classes offered by UniversalClass

Why choose UniversalClass?

At first you might not think about choosing to go with UniversalClass to learn more about something your interested in. They do have some really cool features on each of the different chapters that you cover. Once you click into the lesson it will briefly explain what you are going to cover in the chapter. It will then give you a set of tasks to complete within the chapter. You can either follow that or scroll down to the bottom of the page and they have a video of someone doing exactly what you are about to do. That way you can either learn by doing or learn by watching someone else doing it and then attempting it yourself. At the end of each lesson their is a quiz covering some of the things that were talked about earlier in the chapter. Upon completion of the quiz, your results will be sent off and graded by one of the instructors at UniversalClass. The results do come back in a timely manner, and if your score isn’t high enough they will allow you to retake the score. They will also provide the correct answers to the questions that you missed to give you a chance to look over the questions before retaking the quiz.Upon the completion of your class, you will receive a certificate of completion saying you completed the course. You can either end your progress there or continue on learning about your favorite subject.